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Thursday, November 23, 2006

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I put this vote because I'm scared if I use AdSense on my site which using blog traffic exchange services,I will be banned from Google.

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Thank you for your vote.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

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MONEY with Blogging

Many people still doesn't realise that they could earn money online.Some of them said that internet only wastes time and money.This is of course not true if you know how to use the internet.Nowadays, there are many people already earn money online because there are no money required to start it ( except you sign up for advertising solutions to promote your site and then they will click on your ads and you can earn money).After that you can just do nothing and wait your money to come.If you know how to use it,you can earn a lot of money without doing anything.

But some times you earn only earn some cents only in a day.So you must first spend some money with signing up for advertising solutions you have to give some money to in order to promote your site(this is not necessary unless you want serious cash) but it is worth it.

I have not much experience with online blogging I personally highly recommend that you try them and then sign up for advertising solution to earn more money or you just sign up .


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Friday, July 07, 2006

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SLAX is the pocket OS (operating system) and it fits on a 8cm CD-R or CD-RW. It's based on slackware and some people think of it as mini Slackware. SLAX uses Unification File System (or unionfs) to create the LiveFS in ram. SLAX also comes with KDE for it's desktop. (SLAX SE, SLAX Killbill and SLAX Server) If you want the lighter one yet you can take (SLAX Popcorn) which comes with XFCE desktop. (less features if compared with the editions above but also half their size) If you are a professional in using the command line interface "cli" and want the lightest OS, then (SLAX Frodo) might be a perfect fit for you.

The greatest feature of SLAX is its modularity. If SLAX itself lacks of some feature, you can just download some modules, as you can customize your own OS. Unlike Knoppix which is too "luxurious" and some older computers will feel some pain from it. Adding the command "slax copy2ram" (without quotes) at boot is a handy tool if you have more than 384 mb ram. (SLAX Popcorn will copy2ram with 256mb ram) Also copy2ram will free up your CD drive for other use.(great for those with only 1 CD drive) Plus SLAX will run lightning fast. Probably faster than you have ever seen your PC run before!

This is how you can use SLAX(this paragraph should placed upper).First,go to SLAX download page and choose your favorite OS,then download it.After you finish downloading,you must burn it to CD and you cannot burn it as a regular file.You must find the 'burn image to CD' or similiar option in your CD burning software.If you want to know if you burned the .iso file correctly,you can check the content of the CD you had burned previously.If you can see some folder like base,modules,rootcopy and others thats mean you had burned the .iso file correctly.

After that, reboot your computer and SLAX will start booting. If your computer boots straight in to Windows that mean you must set your BIOS to look for boot info from CD first then HDD. BIOS can be reached by pressing Del key. (normally Del key but XP responds to F10 or F8 in some cases) Refer to your computer's manual pages to know how to go to BIOS and what to do. BIOS is outside the scope of the review. Be careful in BIOS please.

Let's assume that you can boot into SLAX and not long after that, you will see a login page. Type 'root' and then press the Enter key and type 'toor' as password and press Enter key again. (both without quotes). If it's successful, you are now running a OS from a CD. This can be even better. You can type 'xconf' to autoconfigure your graphics card, monitor, keyboard and mice. And now type 'startx' and press Enter key. After a few seconds you will see the KDE splash ending with a pair of shoes wallpaper (SLAX Standard Edition) or a sword wallpaper (SLAX Killbill) or a watch wallpaper (SLAX Server) or a popcorn box wallpaper (SLAX Popcorn). I'm pretty sure that you will know how to get around at this point. Smile.

I booted it on my computer (which has 256mb ram) and within 2 minutes, it's was ready for use. SLAX has a clean look (unlike some Linux distros which look cluttered with too many icons on its desktop) IMO. I have to double-click on system and then double-click again on Storage Media to access my HDD. However,this is only small matter as this allows me to set up what ever I want. (like single-click option or icons on desktop directed exactly where i want them to go) SLAX is easy to customize any way you like making it the greatest OS IMO.

If you encountered any problem,you can email me at yuchankit@yahoo.co.uk or yuchankit@gmail.com or you can go to here to express your problem.

Here's are some useful links to you about SLAX

1.My SLAX Creator.
MySLAX creator allows you to create your own customised Slax live cd in Windows. This program can add modules to the /modules or /optional directory (.mo or .img), remove modules from the original ISO image, add some permanent boot options (for example start SLAX in GUI mode), Create your own SLAX ISO image and Burn your ISO image.

2.The Linux store
The Linux Store is a company from Canada. They're selling Linux on CD and they're offering some other products and services.I like the fact they're selling SLAX on 180MB mini-CDs.

If you want to go to SLAX homepage,click here
If you want to customize SLAX with some software,click here to get software in compressed modules

Here's some screenshot of SLAX

SLAX Popcorn Edition

SLAX Standard Edition

SLAX Killbill Edition

SLAX Server Edition

SLAX Frodo Edition

If you have any comment about my post,feel free to post your comment at my website or at my email at yuchankit@yahoo.co.uk or yuchankit@gmail.com.You can even post your comment at SLAX forum but it is better to post it here or my email to get faster response.

Monday, July 03, 2006

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Malta(my favorite places)

Last two weeks,I went to Malta to have some vacation.Quite good actually.It's full of interesting places and the people there is friendly too(just have some problems in language). I went to many places like Sliema/St. Julian's/Paceville (any of the name),Mdina and Rabat which is full of historical places like Cathedral of St. Paul,Gozo which is full of legendary places like Calypso, the mythical island in Homer's Odyssey
and many more.

Actually I went to many places but there is a proverb " a photo means thousand words" so here is some photos from Malta(not from me)

Malta is an extremely interesting places to visit if you like historical places.Although it's currency is high,it's worth the money and I promise to visit it next year if I have time and more money.

Friday, June 30, 2006

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English Premier League(EPL)

As you know,I like football and I like EPL the most.Last year Chelsea was champion of EPL again(sad because I'm Arsenal fan) and Arsenal was lucky to get fourth place in EPL only after playing the 38th game(last game) and just luckily Tottenham Hotspur lost to West Ham United 2-1.And Arsenal's last game in Highbury against Wigan Atheletic(I hope no spelling mistake) or Wigan blessed Arsenal with 4-2 win and this enables Arsenal to enter UEFA Champions League.

But,just 10 days after that,Arsenal lost to Barcelona 2-1 in UEFA Champions League Final in Paris.I personally think Arsenal's goalkeeper,Jens Lehmann should'nt awarded a red card.The refs should allowed the goal and only give him yellow card.And a few minutes before half-time rest,Sol Campbell headed the ball to Barcelona's goal and I shouted very loudly although it it about 3.30 a.m in my country(fortunately no one of my neighbours complain about that) and I reallyyy HAPPY.

But the presence of Henrik Larkson(I hope spelling are correct if not correct me) really makes the difference.Not long after he enters the pitch,Barcelona scored two goals in 76th and 81th minute.I was transformed from a happy person to a sad person in 5 minutes(what a transformation) and at 86th minute,I went to sleep with a sad feelings.

Although that,I'm sure that Arsenal will do better next season in EPL and I hope Arsenal would'nt lost so much EPL match(lost 12 match if not mistaken) and become champions of EPL

This is the Arsenal's main website

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Sports Introduction

Sports is also my hobby.I like to watch football match and now is my heaven day for me because now is World Cup quarter-final.The team that succeed to enter World Cup quarter-final are Germany(host),Argentina,Italy,Ukraine,England,Portugal,Brazil and France.Some say that from here is where the real World Cup is.May be because all the team that come to this stage is the top eight in the world(not based in world ranking) and I think the most exciting match is Germany vs Argentina.Both are very good in performance.Germany wins all the games in group stage and second-round while Argentina beat Serbia&Montinegro(sorry if I spell incorrectly) 6-0 and it become a warning to every country especially Brazil,England and all country that in quarter-final. I don't know about the rest of the team that entering quarter-final but I think France will win the World Cup although they will meet Brazil in quarter-final.

I also watch tennis and badminton but I don't really focus about these sports(sometimes watching) and now there is Wimbledon championship but I don't really watch this championship because it crashs with my favorite Word Cup(sad).

Thursday, June 29, 2006

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UNIX or Linux

I have downloaded Linux Live CD and I have tried them on my computer.Its quite good,it does not damage your MS Windows and it sometimes helpful if you want to recover your Windows in case disaster strikes your Windows.Overall,it is good but it is not user friendly and you must have some knowledge about Unix or Linux command like 'mount','umount' and more.If you want to install Linux on your hard disk drive,you must set partition,set Lilo or Grub and so on.If you are a Windows user,don't worry to install Linux,as you can dual boot between Linux and Windows.But be careful and better ask a professional to do it with you(its better if you are professional yourself). If you are a newbie,you can join forum that have many tips about installing Linux on your hard drive.

Unfortunately,using Linux on your computer is difficult and you must spend time learning linux(but if you are familiar with linux you can do anything you like) and also like Mac,lacks of games.It also very troublesome to get your hardware to work with linux(however if you are lucky you can get your hardware to work with linux without doing anyhing)I have an USB ADSL modem that is a Micronet modem that does not work with linux so I can only establish internet connection in MS Windows and I must get router and ehternet modem and even NIC card(if not mistaken) in order to get my modem to work with linux.

Final word,UNIX or Linux is a great OS if you know how to use it and best of all,its free unlike MS Windows and Mac.For newbie who just new to computer world,I suggest you try MS Windows or Mac because they are more easy to use.

If you want to get linux CD you can download it at the following website(note that each linux distribution is different but most of them is same.


Actually there are also a lot of linux distribution but these one is the distros I tried.Quite good. If you want to know more linux distros,you can get a list from here

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Apple Mac

Honestly,I have not much comment about Apple Computer because I don't have much experience with it.I also don't have money to buy Apple Computer because I'm poor.

From my view,Apple Mac is a great OS because it is less prone to viruses and spyware not like MS Windows which are very exposed to these things.Mac is also very beautiful in graphics and some of them say it boots up faster than MS Windows.

However,Apple Mac is not targeted to gamers since I think Apple Mac has less games if compared with MS Windows.This is because many game developers does not design their program to be compatitible with Apple Mac.But nowadays there are more games that are compatitible with Mac.

But now there is a options where you can dual boot(or restart)in Windows and Mac.
So,you can have best of both worlds.You can play your favorite games in MS Windows and safely surfing in Apple Macintosh.

Conclusion:Apple Computer is a great OS for office works,internet surfing and
streaming but it is not so great OS for gamers and you have to dual boot
between MS Windows and Mac in order to play games(I didn't mean that you
cannot play games in Mac,just games in Mac is not as good as MS Windows.

To get more information about Apple Computer,click here

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is most widely used operating system nowadays.Most people use Microsoft Windows as their operating system because MS Windows(short form) is easy to use and its is compatitible with many types of aplication and software(hardware as well).Microsoft is very customizeable ( I my self downloaded Windows Bilnds) and my Windows is totally different from normal Windows.My friends are amazed with my customization and think it is not copy of Windows ( but there is windows logo at the start button).

However,because Microsoft is most widely used OS(Operating System),most hackers and bad people are more focused at Windows because there are more people using it so if they make viruses,spyware,malware,adware, and the newest now,rootkits to windows more people will get infected with their bad things and that is the wish of the hackers.( so sad)

But now,Microsoft have improved tremendously and they release security updates almost everyday and their softwares are lessly have holes to be expoited by hackers to put viruses, spyware and many bad things that affecting Windows users.

The conclusion:Microsoft Windows is a great operating system especially for beginners.
However,MS Windows user must be careful with many viruses and
spyware that only waiting your mistakes.One mistakes in these topic is
fatal.They must also be careful when downloading programs because
some programs are adware(a type of spyware) and they are more
dangerous than spyware and some of them have to totally reinstall Windows
in order to get their computer working again.

To get more information about Micosoft,click here

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Nowadays,computer is very important tools or necessaties to many people.
This post is mainly on operating system,some simple howto to improve your computer's performance ( I'm no expert on this field) but I hope this howto helps.

There are a few operating system.They are Microsoft(the most popular),Linux or Unix, Macintosh( I hope this spelling is correct),and Disk Operating System(DOS) which is less used now but I think it's good for older computer because DOS uses less resources if compared with Microsoft 98 ,2000,ME and XP.

To see introduction about the other operating system,you can see my posts at http//www.yuengyong.blogspot.com.

I will post my comment at the website above and if you have your opinion to me,you can email me at yuchankit@yahoo.co.uk or post your comments here.

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Chinese is the second largest race in Malaysia.

Chinese are mainly Buddhist and followed by Christain and Muslim.

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Malaysian Tradisional Games

Malaysian tradisional game-Wau

Malaysian tradisional game-Gasing

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Malaysian Festival

One of the Malaysian festival-Malay

One of the Malaysian festival-Indian

One of the Malaysian festival-Chinese

One of the Malaysian festival-Iban
One of the Malaysian festival-Kadazan

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This is Malay, they're the biggest race in Malaysia.

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